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On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training is an integral component of Vocational Education, which aims at the development of proficiency and self-confidence among students. On-the-Job Training takes place in a real job situation under the supervision of an expert in-plant supervisor or master craftsman. It is designed to supplement in-school instruction by providing the dimension of practical training in a real work situation, under the guidance and supervision of a practicing and skilled supervisor.

Concept of On-the-Job Training

  • It is a planned and organised work experience programme. A programme of the On-the-Job Training is planned by the educational institution and the training is given in an established or organized industry or work spot.
  • It helps the student assimilate the theory which was learnt in the classroom and practise it in the actual work spot by following part of the curriculum of each vocational course.
  • It gives the student a supervised experience. This facilitates the student to attain mastery on the work by observation and working, supervised by a master craftsman.
  • Generally, the theory subjects taught within the classroom and the laboratory give little scope of exposure to the student to the real work situation. But the On-the-Job Training provided to the student enables him to feel the implications and intricacies during the work.
  • It gives an oppurtunity to the student to participate in the actual production of goods and services, which leads to securing of some gainful employment. The student gets motivated by actual participation in the production of goods and services at the time of learning or training and develops self-confidence.
  • It prepares the student psychologically to develop entrepreneurship qualities, so that he / she is in a position to take ip self-employment.
  • It helps in continuous evaluation of the student's work and knowledge since an expert workman and the teacher guide at the work spot supervise it.

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